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Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 was released last week Friday and it’s a big change, interaction-wise, from its predecessor Windows 7. Many of the most obvious changes are in the Start Menu and the fact that the Start button, which has been there since Windows 95, is gone. Keyboard shortcuts are an important and time-saving feature of all […]

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Farewell Flip Camera, You’ll be Missed

You’ve probably heard by now that Cisco has canceled production of their Flip brand video cameras in order to restructure their business. As a proud first-generation Flip owner (no Hi Def version for me), this tiny little AA-powered camera has made a huge impact on my ability to capture spur-of-the-moment events (my daughter’s first steps, […]

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The Verizon iPhone is nigh!

We’ve been getting a lot of calls recently asking about whether or not our hosted Exchange service will work with Verizon iPhones and, well, the answer is a resounding YES!  We’ve been supporting iPhones since they were released on AT&T’s network four generations ago and they’ll work just fine on the Verizon network as well. […]

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Spell Check in Outlook 2010 not working?

We recently ran across an issue with one of our customers who upgraded only Outlook to 2010 while keeping the rest of Office at 2007. They called in stating that Outlook’s spell checker wasn’t working anymore so Kevin found the fix: When users upgrade just Outlook, not the whole Office Suite, it doesn’t know where […]

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“password” is NOT a secure password…

…neither is password1 or a multitude of other passwords that people use everyday thinking that they’re protecting their email addresses, website log ins and a multitude of other every-day things that need a password.  While it’s difficult to try and remember what your password is for every website and email address you have, it’s also […]

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Getting to Know Lanlogic’s Real People.

One of the most satisfying parts of the job here at Lanlogic is getting to know our customers. There are some truly amazing people who use our services and call on us for help or advice. When I look at our client list, I immediately think about the people behind the business names, the relationships […]

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How to Remove and Add a New Exchange Account to an iPad or iPhone

This article describes how to go about removing and deleting an existing Exchange account on your iPhone or iPad.  This can be useful if you need to rebuild your cached data or need to reconfigure you... Read Article ›

Adding your Google Apps email to Outlook 2011, 2016, or Mac Mail (for Mac)

Outlook 2011 or Outlook 2016 or Mac Mail Before following these instructions, you will want to Configure Google Mail for Email Software & Mobile Devices. Mac Mail is similar to these instructions,... Read Article ›

Outlook 2013 Calendar or Contact Sharing

Outlook 2013 This document explains how to share your Outlook calendar or contacts in Outlook 2013.  When you use Outlook with an Exchange account, calendars and contacts can be shared between people... Read Article ›

Resetting a Samsung Behold 2 Android phone

I recently had to help a customer perform a hard reset on his Samsung Behold 2 (Android OS) device and thought I’d share how we did it.   If you’re wanting to do a soft reset (the CTRL-ALT-DEL equival... Read Article ›