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0x80004005 Error with ActiveSync

Posted: Friday, November 7th, 2008 by Ted

Quite suddenly the other day, my BlackJack with Windows Mobile 6 stopped syncing with my Exchange mailbox.  The error read "Attention Required" and although I gave it a lot of attention, I was unable to get things working by re-entering the server info and my password. 

 Finally, I went so far as to de-select all of the options to sync – Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, and Tasks.  Clearing these checkboxes will delete the data on your device when you apply the change.  I then went back and re-enabled all of the checkboxes and ActiveSync started pulling down data and syncing properly again. 


3 Responses to “0x80004005 Error with ActiveSync”

  1. Dalili says:

    Works like a charm. Thanks!!

  2. ted says:

    That worked! Thanks!

  3. Arie says:


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