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A Good Example of Spam

Posted: Thursday, January 8th, 2009 by Gene

We see a good amount of spam here at Lanlogic, it’s something we need to battle every day here.  So, when I see a good example of a spam message that folks should avoid and be on the lookout for, I try to point it out.

Take a look at the message below:

Israel offers short respite from strikes.

Israel will halt its bombardment of Gaza for three hours every day to allow residents of the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory to obtain much-needed supplies, a military spokesman says.

The images broadcast here were graphic and striking.

The Al Jazeera English report below captures the extent of the devastation caused by the initial strikes.

Proceed to view details:


2009 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.


It looks valid enough, doesn’t it?  Heck it’s even got a little “signature” there at the bottom that all rights are reserved.  But, there’s a couple of very obvious (on not-so-obvious) things that you should pay attention to:

  1. Look at the link:  Does it actually point to cnn.com?  Nope, if you read the whole link, it actually points to newsinstalls.com,  which (after doing a WHOIS lookup) was registered today January 9th.  Sounds fishy to me, and it should to you too.  CNN’s been around for decades now, and if they were to link to their site, it’s be a cnn.com site.
  2. The message was sent to an address that doesn’t actually exist: The email was actually sent to custserv5@lanlogic.com .  There’s no such address here at Lanlogic which tells me that the email was actually delivered to us via BCC which is a “good” sign that it’s a spammer.
  3. Use common sense:  If you don’t subscribe, say, to CNN alerts, there’s a good chance that the message is spam.


If you follow those steps (although, honestly, you probably won’t do a WHOIS lookup) and think before you click, you’re well on the way to keeping your machine from getting infected with spyware, viruses and malware.

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