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Adding a Mapped Drive to the Dock on a Mac

Posted: Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by admin

Ok, trying to find this today was quite tricky and required about 3 or 4 different web pages, so I am here to simplify, simplify, simplify! Here is a nice step-by-stepper:


  • Map the drive:
    1. Click on Finder –> Go –> Connect to Server


    2. In the Server Address field type “smb://servername/shared_folder and hit “Connect”


    3. Login to the drive with your username and password and click “Connect”


    4. The drive should now show up as a “Mapped Drive” on your desktop


  • If the drive does not show up on your desktop, do the following:
    1. Click Finder –> Preferences
    2. In the Finder Preferences screen, make sure “Connected Servers” is checked


    3. You will now see the drive on your desktop
  • Now, to add the “Mapped Drive” to your Dock:
    1. Simply drag the desktop icon for that folder to the right hand side of your Dock. NOTE: the icon will change from a drive to a folder, this is normal


    2. Now, anytime you restart your machine, this folder will be there. You will have to sign in to it the first time you click on it and then re-click on it to get in, but it will work as a Dock shortcut from now on!
  • To remove that pesky Drive icon from your desktop and still keep your dock shortcut, just go to the Finder Preferences screen again and uncheck the “Connected Servers” box

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