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Dear Google: What happened to Postini?

Posted: Thursday, October 11th, 2007 by Gene

 Let me start out by saying that I love Google.  I really do.  I use GMail more than my own personal domain and the “iGoogle” (how did Apple not threaten a lawsuit? 😉 ) personalized landing page is my homepage on my browser.


That said, since the acquisition of Postini by Google last month, I’ve noticed terrible lag in logging into the web portal and often not being able to log in for up to an hour.  More than that, I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of spam being filtered.  So have our customers.  Sadly, all we can tell them is that Postini is working on the issues and that we don’t have an ETA.


Remember when, earlier, I mentioned that I use GMail more than my personal domain for email?  Guess who GMail uses (and has used since inception) for their spam filtering.  That’s right, Postini!  If you’re a GMail user, have you noticed much more spam getting into the Inbox when in the past (pre-acquisition), almost none got through.


What’s up guys?  More importantly, when am I going to get the Postini that I know and love for the last three years? 

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