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E-Mail Encryption

Posted: Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 by Ted

If you work in an environment where you’re dealing with credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers or work in Human Resources where you’re sending emails with sensitive information, email encryption is highly recommended and, in many cases, mandatory. ZixMail’s Outlook plug-in is intended to provide compliance-level email encryption on a computer-by-computer basis.


Costs (per computer):

  • $125.00 (USD) for 1 year
  • $230.00 (USD) for 2 years
  • $300.00 (USD) for 3 years
  • $400.00 (USD) for 4 years
  • $500.00 (USD) for 5 years


You can download ZixMail’s Outlook plug-in from their site at http://www.zixcorp.com/solutions/zixmail_buy.php. You get a 30-day trial period before you need to pay for anything.


After you’ve installed the software on your PC and activate it, when you create a new message you’ll see the following icons on the new message:


Once you’ve created your message, rather than clicking on Outlook’s Send icon, you’d click on the Encrypt & Send button, type in your Zix password and it will send for you encrypted.

If they do not have the Zix plug-in, the recipient will get a message that gives the recipient a link to click on which gets them into an OWA-like Inbox where they can view and reply to the message.

If they do have the plug-in, they will see something like:



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