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Farewell Flip Camera, You’ll be Missed

Posted: Thursday, April 14th, 2011 by Ted

You’ve probably heard by now that Cisco has canceled production of their Flip brand video cameras in order to restructure their business.

As a proud first-generation Flip owner (no Hi Def version for me), this tiny little AA-powered camera has made a huge impact on my ability to capture spur-of-the-moment events (my daughter’s first steps, her playing with new friends and much more) and my ability to capture moments in time that a still camera just can’t.

Its easy (and built-in) editing software and USB port allows me to copy, edit and post to the internet, video that’s only minutes old. Sharing a video that was just taken five minutes ago, posting it to YouTube or Flickr, and then emailing a link to my family 600 miles away is a great way for my parents to see their grandchildren and share with them the day-to-day things they’d otherwise miss.

David Pogue has a very well-written commentary on the death of the Flip that breaks my heart to read, especially in regards to the never-to-be-released FlipLive that would have allowed for live streaming video.

So, I’m still going to use my Flip Camera as will my now six year-old daughter that I’ve captured hours of video of, and think of what could have been…

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