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Installing a non-Standard SSL Certificate onto an iPhone

Posted: Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 by Gene

While this will work with Windows Mobile devices as well, with the popularity of the new iPhone, the question of installing non-standart (self-generated for example) certificates has come up in conversation here in the office.


If you need to install an SSL certificate onto your device, your best bet is to download the file and email it to yourself to an account you have access to on the device.  (You can set up a GMail account, for example, and send the file to that.)  Open the attached SSL certificate on your iPhone and, when prompted, opt to install it onto your phone.  You should then be able to set up your iPhone to work with ActiveSync with your Exchange server.


I found this information here, they also talk about an alternative method as well which involves downloading some Apple software called the Enterprise Configuration utility.


To download a copy of your SSL certificate do the following :

1.  Go to your Outloook Web Access page (https://mail.mydomain.com for example)

2.   Click on the lock icon on the right-hand side of the address bar and click on View Certificates

3.   Click on the Details tab then click on the Copy to File button

4.   Take the defaults in the wizard and name the certificate whatever you chose when prompted then click next.

 5.  Click on Finish.

You now have a copy of the certificate on your desktop.

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