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Lanlogic’s New Attachment Manager

Posted: Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 by Gene

Lanlogic, Inc. is proud to announce its new
partnership with Proginet Corporation to offer our Hosted Exchange
users the Slingshot Attachment Manager Service. We know how hard it is
to keep mailbox storage size to a minimum and how difficult it can be
to send large files. Slingshot allows you to send large attachments
inside and outside of your organization with increased security and

The Slingshot Attachment
Manager software works seamlessly with e-mail systems and allows users
to send what they need when they need it. The files are stored on our
in-house servers behind our secure firewall and do not leave our server
until downloaded by the end user. Because our in-house server is used,
the attachment is never left in the senders or recipient’s inbox,
taking up space and filling up your mailbox. Slingshot also notifies
the original sender when the file is downloaded, so you know exactly
when it was received. It also allows multiple files to multiple
recipients and the option to download only individual files from the
batch sent.

The Slingshot application is seamless and efficient – it works under
the covers so users don’t even know it’s there. They send and receive
e-mails using the regular Outlook interface – with Slingshot handling
attachments in the background. You’ll improve your company’s overall
productivity and enable users to focus on their business issues – not
IT bottlenecks or bulging mailboxes.

Slingshot can also be configured to handle all e-mail attachments in
your organization – or set to handle only files of a certain size
(e.g., larger than 3 MB). Plus, it can automatically archive e-mail
attachments and log all activity.

 Check out this link for pricing and more information.

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