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"Second Set of Eyes"

Posted: Friday, September 5th, 2008 by natalie

This week has reminded of the precious value of having someone else review the projects and problems we face as network engineers helping our clients with all of their networking needs.
Every one of us have ran up against multi-factorial network problems that can make our heads spin, especially when the issue is described as something like, “the network is slow”. Is it the switches?…Is it the cables?… Is it the servers?…. Is it a name-resolution issue?… Is there an infected system on the network?…. The list is endless, and most of the time, the result is a cumulative effect of many of these affected areas.
As professionals, we work, methodically, through the various possibilities; fixing one or more of the many items that we find while troubleshooting. Sometimes we get so “deep” into these scenarios that we can end up “losing sight of the forest for the trees”. It is during these times when it becomes invaluable for a professional to call in a colleague for a fresh view of the problem.  A review of the situation by this “second set of eyes” provides many benefits, least of all the following:

  • “Fresh Eyes” – Different viewpoints can provide new and different insights to an issue.
  • Another Body of Knowledge  – Especially, if the reviewing engineer has specialized expertise in an area related to the problem at hand.
  • “Battle  Scars” – Many times a reviewer may have already faced the same issue that you are facing currently.
  • Efficiency – No one wants to pay money for time spent on issues while your ego was in denial…the faster you ask for help, the faster the issue gets resolved.
  • “Feel Good” Factor – Bottom line, it is the right thing to do when you are struggling with a complex issue.

I have reviewed many colleagues issues and work performed and have asked for the same consideration for my scenarios. Each time, on both sides,  I have found the experience valuable!

I will close my post with a sincere, “Thank You” to all of those who have helped me when I have asked for it and those who have esteemed me enough to ask for my help.  Please continue to do so in the future…

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