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Windows Live Mail saved me a TON of work!

Posted: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 by Gene

We run into issues for our mail servers, it’s part and parcel with the job and the issues generally aren’t huge, but they can often be time consuming.

I recently ran into an issue with a POP3 mailbox that hadn’t been accessed since it was created.  Generally, this isn’t a huge deal but, because it was also a catch-all mailbox, it had slowly collected over 480 MB of mail over the last year or so.  My usual solution for this is to configure my mail client to download all of the messages and shift-delete them as they come in.  It’s brainless work but is very time consuming, especially when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of messages, all spam.

While I was clearing out this mailbox, I started poking around in Windows Live Mail (Microsoft’s replacement for Outlook Express) and found a very cool setting.  If you go to Tools> Safety Options you can set up Mail’s spam settings.  One of the settings is to only deliver messages to your Inbox that are from people on your Safe List.  This is people that are in your Contacts folder. 

Here’s a screenshot:

You also have the option to permanently delete junk messages rather than moving them to your Junk Mail folder.

In essence, what this meant was that I didn’t need to try to mass-delete tens of thousands of messages over and over in chunks of 1000-plus and just set it up and walk away.

One thing to remember, and it’s VERY important, is to turn the settings off after you’ve downloaded all of the messages and they’ve been deleted.  The last thing you want is to set this up for another, valid, account and have all of your messages completely deleted.

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