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Windows Mobile 7 Delayed Yet Again

Posted: Saturday, September 27th, 2008 by Gene

 Multiple sources are reporting that Windows Mobile 7, which was due for release to developers/manufacturers early 2009, has been delayed yet again.  it’s now looking like late 2009 before the developers/manufacturers will be able to get their hands on it and take it for a spin.  While devices running WM7 aren’t due for release until 2010, this will still mean major problems for developers/manufacturers and is going to give Apple’s iPhone even more time to increase their footprint in the market and people’s pockets/ears as it will probably mean they won’t be able to design applications/devices around the new OS.

One Response to “Windows Mobile 7 Delayed Yet Again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again, Microsoft is forced into playing catch-up with Apple. Maybe someday they’ll learn to innovate instead of copy? Naaaaah…

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