iPhone, BlackBerry, and other Devices

Your Lanlogic Hosted Exchange mailbox can be accessed from many popular devices. There are always new devices coming to market, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact us at support@lanlogic.com and we’ll help you get connected!

How to setup Exchange 2010 on a Windows Phone

Windows Mobile normally accepts your email address and password for automatic configuration.  Below are manual configuration settings which may be helpful if you’re unable to connect. If you already have an Exchange account configured on your phone for your Lanlogic account, you’ll need to remove that account first.  If the option to delete the email […]

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How to Backup, Wipe and Activate a Blackberry Device

This article shows you how to activate your Blackberry device.  It will also show you how to backup you device and how to wipe it.  Before activating your Blackberry device so that it will be able to receive email from Lanlogic’s hosted email service, you will need to wipe your device.  Before doing so you […]

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