Using Outlook

If you’re new to Outlook, want to learn more about the features, or looking for help with an issue you’re facing, we have articles and examples to help you get more out of Lanlogic Hosted Exchange using Outlook for Windows.

Set Up Mailbox Archiving in Outlook

Email archiving is a great way to reduce your monthly bill by taking older messages off of the server and importing them onto your local computer. You get the benefit of having your older messages available on your computer without having to pay for the storage of them.

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Recover Deleted Items Using Outlook

If you need to restore email messages. calendar or contacts you recently deleted from your mailbox, there are two methods available to “undelete” this data. This article describes both methods using Outlook.

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Finding Internet Headers in Outlook 2010

Microsoft has changed the way to find Internet Header information in the most recent version of Outlook, Outlook 2010.

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How to Schedule a Resource using Outlook

Resources in the world of Hosted Exchange are things that can be reserved such as conference or meeting rooms, vehicles, projectors or other items that might be shared within your organization. When you create a room or equipment mailbox, your staff will be able to reserve and review the availability of that resource from within their Outlook calendar and schedule it as though it were an attendee of an appointment or calendar invitation.

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