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Boundary Defense – Creating User Groups

Posted: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by admin

This document will show you how to create user groups in Boundary Defense.  User groups allow you to group multiple users into one group and apply a set of rules again the entire group, rather than having to set the rules up for each individual user.

Log into Boundary Defense at https://Clients.boundarydefense.com/

You will be prompted for the username and password.  After typing that information in, you will be logged into Boundary Defense.

Boundary Defense 7

From the Services tab, select Platform.  Select your domain by clicking on the domain name.  Select the User Groups tab.

Boundary Defense - Creating User Groups

Select Create new group.  Enter the name of the group in the Enter group name field.  Click on the Search button to display all of the email addresses, or you can just search for certain email addresses.  Highlight the email address(es) – hold the Shift or Alt keys to select multiples addresses.  Click on the Add button to add the email addresses to the group.  Select Save and exit to complete the group creation.

Boundary Defense - Creating User Groups 2

Your user group has been created.

Boundary Defense - Creating User Groups 3

You can now apply various rules to the user group.

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