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Change password

Posted: Monday, January 20th, 2014 by admin

Hosted Exchange 2010

This document explains how to change the password for a service user or email address or Exchange account.

The password requirements as described in the control panel can be confusing.  There are different official complexity requirements based on how many characters are in the password.  We recommend at least an 8 character password, with uppercase/lowercase/numbers/symbols for maximum security.  It will not accept a password that includes your username or email address.  If the password has less than three character types, then the length will need to be at least 24 characters.

Change Password

  1. From the Users tab, select name of mailbox you would like to change the password by clicking on the name under the Display Name FieldChange Password
  2. Select Change Password

    Change Password 2
  3. Type the new password in both Password and Confirm Password fields, and select SubmitChange Password 3


Once your password has been changed, you can test it by logging into https://email.hostaccount.com.



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