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Change Mailbox Limit Size

Posted: Monday, January 20th, 2014 by admin

Hosted Exchange 2010

This document explains how to change the size of a mailbox for hosted Exchange 2010.  There are three limits that are used:  when to issue a warning, when to prohibit sending, and when to prohibit sending and receiving.  These limits are ordered from lowest to highest.  For example, if you want the limit the size of the mailbox to 25 GB, you would set the Prohibit Send limit at less than 25 GB — say 20 GB.  Then you would set the Issue Warning limit at less than the Prohibit Send limit (which in our example is set to 20 GB) — or 15 GB.  The user will receive an email at each limit reached, encouraging him to delete or archive unneeded emails.

Change Mailbox Limit Size

  1. From the Exchange tab, select Mailboxes

    Forward Email Address
  2. Select name of mailbox you would like to forward by clicking on the name under the Display Name FieldChange Mailbox Limit Size
  3. Select the Limits tab, and select Edit.  Make the necessary changes to mailbox sizes and select Submit
    Change Mailbox Limit Size 2
  4. Select Update Size

    Change Mailbox Limit Size 3
  5. Confirmation message will appearChange Mailbox Limit Size 4

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