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Create a Distribution List

Posted: Thursday, January 16th, 2014 by admin

Hosted Exchange 2010

This document explains how to add a new Email distribution list for hosted Exchange 2010.  Distribution groups allow you to send emails to a group of people by sending the email to one Exchange Mailbox.  Typically distribution lists are used for projects, teams or even departments within your organization.  When an email is sent to a distribution group, the email is forwarded to every member of that group.  After creating a distribution group, you can test the new distribution group by sending an email to that distribution group, and then having one of the members of the group check their email inbox to verify that they received the email.

Create Distribution Group

Create Distribution List

  1. From the Exchange tab, select Distribution Lists tab
  2. Select Add New Distribution List
  3. Enter Alias, Display Name, Email Address, and select Submit

Create Distribution List 2

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