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Disable User

Posted: Monday, January 20th, 2014 by admin

Hosted Exchange 2010

This document explains how to disable a service user or account.  If the account is associated with an Exchange mailbox, the mailbox will not be deleted but the user will be unable to use email.  Disabling a service user is used when it is unclear what should be done with the Exchange mailbox associated with the account.  An account can also be disabled for security reasons in case of a suspected security breach, or perhaps to avoid one.  A disabled account can be re-enabled at a later time to restore email functionality.

Disable User

  1. From the Users tab, select name of mailbox you would like to disable by clicking on the name under the Display Name Field

    Add new user

  2. Select Disable

    Disable User
  3. The screen will confirm the disabled account

    Disable User 2

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