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How to setup Exchange 2010 on a Windows Phone

Posted: Friday, February 21st, 2014 by Gene

Windows Mobile normally accepts your email address and password for automatic configuration.  Below are manual configuration settings which may be helpful if you’re unable to connect.

If you already have an Exchange account configured on your phone for your Lanlogic account, you’ll need to remove that account first.  If the option to delete the email account is grayed out under the Email icon, here are instructions on how to remove it.

  1. Go to Start -> Active Sync
  2. Click  Menu – >  Options
  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  4. Click on Menu-> Delete
  5. You will be prompted to restart device -> Now

To setup your Hosted Exchange account, do the following:

Tap Settings

Tap email + accounts

Tap add an account

Tap Outlook

Windows Phone

Type in your email address and password in the appropriate fields, then tap sign in

Windows Phone 2

The setup should work with just your email and password.  But if you’re prompted for more information, use your email address for the user name, COLLABORATION for the domain, and email.hostaccount.com as the server address.   Then tap sign in

Your email account is now set up on your Windows phone.

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