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Time Machine Recovery and Domain Access

Posted: Monday, March 21st, 2011 by Kevin

In the past several months I have become, primarily, a Mac user. I do about 90-95% of my daily work on Macs, aside from the servers. I have found the transition fairly easy to make, and very enjoyable. Because I like to try new things and learn by doing, I have a tendency to break things. This makes Time Machine a very good ally.

I recently did a recovery of my laptop using Time Machine. A side effect I found, after the fact, was that I could no longer sign in to my domain account, but only when connected to the domain. If I was on WiFi or in a different location, I could sign in, but when on a VPN connection or a cable connection in the office, it wouldn’t accept my password. Basically, I couldn’t sign in to my domain account on the computer when I was on the domain, even if I had signed it to before plugging in! After some research, I found out that recovering the machine from Time Machine can cause issues like this. It has to do with the computer names in AD. Here’s what I did to fix this:

First I unbound my Mac from the domain:

  • System Preferences –> Accounts –> Login Options
  • Under Network Account, click on Edit
  • Click on open Network Utility
  • Click on Active Directory and then the Pencil (edit) icon
  • Click on Unbind (I found that I had to force the unbind)

Next, I removed the computer account from Active Directory

Finally, I rebound the computer to the domain.

NOTE: The mac would not accept the Domain\Username because the domain was implied. I had to use only the username and password

Now, I can access the VPN and not get locked out of my computer and access network shares when on the domain!

I will try to keep track of lessons I learn and if something seems worth posting, I will keep you all in the loop!


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