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Unable to Send Mail to Internal Users After Migration

Posted: Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 by Kevin

When a user is recreated in Exchange, or an organization is migrated to a new Exchange solution, mail sent to these new users can bounce. For example, if user John Doe has an email address of jdoe@domain.com and his account is deleted and then recreated for any reason, when users inside the organization try to email him, their messages will bounce. Messages from the outside world will be just fine. It sounds screwy, I know. The problem is with what is called the X500 address on the server. This is recreated any time a new email address is created, so people internally will have the old address cached in their local machines. You can test this by logging in to your Outlook Web Access (OWA) page and sending to that same recipient and it should work.

I know it sounds like a hassle, but the fix is quite simple:

  1. Open a new message in Outlook
  2. In the To: field, begin typing the email address of the user whose mail is bouncing
  3. Once the name begins to autopopulate, hit the Delete key (not backspace) and then finish typing the users email address
  4. Go ahead and send the message and the problem should be gone for good

If your entire organization has moved to a new Exchange server and you are trying to respond to old messages that were imported, you will see the same issue. With the reply open, just follow the steps above and you will be all set!

One Response to “Unable to Send Mail to Internal Users After Migration”

  1. Adam says:

    Perfect! And I thought I’d messed something else up!!! Luckily not my fault this time!!

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