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Outlook 2013 Archiving Emails

Posted: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 by admin

Outlook 2013

This document explains how to archive emails in Outlook 2013.  Archiving removes emails from the Exchange server and saves them to a file you specify with an extension of .pst.  Archiving allows you to save emails that are either old, or not needed immediately, and prevents your Exchange mailbox from filling up.  Archiving should be done on a regular basis.  You can set up a regular schedule for email archival called autoarchiving, or manually archive on a periodic basis.  Let us first explore archiving emails manually.

Archiving Emails

  1. From to the File tab, select Info, and then Cleanup Tools, and select Archive…

    Outlook 2013

  2. Select the  file that you want to have emails archived from, if you want to archive email from all files select your name (the top element on the list).

    Outlook 2013 2

  3. Choose what date you want to start archiving emails before.
  4. Choose the location of your “archive.pst” file. This is the location on where the archived emails are stored (usually c:\Users\netID\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst)
  5. Click OK then check on your main page to make sure that a folder has been created for your Archives.

AutoArchiving Emails

Emails that meet specific criteria will be put into the archive automatically

  1. From the File tab, select Options

    Outlook 2013 Autoarchive

  2. Select Advanced and then AutoArchive Settings…

    Outlook 2013 Autoarchive 2

  3. Be sure to check the “Run AutoArchive every” box and set the time interval that you would like to use

    Outlook 2013 Autoarchive 3

  4. Choose the location of your “archive.pst” file (usually c:\Users\netID\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst)
  5. This page can also be used to delete old emails automatically, however this may not be suggested.



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