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Outlook 2011 Time Zone Issue

Posted: Sunday, March 13th, 2011 by Ted

After Daylight Savings Time this morning, we’ve seen issues with Outlook 2011 for the Mac having issues reflecting the change. To resolve the issue, please do the following in Outlook 2011:

  1. Click Outlook (top-left corner by the Apple icon) then click Preferences
  2. Click Calendar
  3. Click Time Zone
  4. Change the time zone to another region (it doesn’t really matter which) and save the settings
  5. Restart Outlook 2011
  6. Click Outlook (top-left corner by the Apple icon) then click Preferences
  7. Click Calendar
  8. Click Time Zone
  9. Reset the time zone back to your time zone then save the settings
  10. Restart Outlook 2011 one last time and you should be good to go

(Thanks to our friends Roger, Brian and Rand for the head’s up and for providing us with the fix for this issue!)

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:bgoldstein:Desktop:Screenshots:Screen shot 2011-03-13 at 3-13   12.22.10 PM.png

12 Responses to “Outlook 2011 Time Zone Issue”

  1. ed says:

    This didn’t work for me

  2. Ted says:

    The issue seems to have fixed itself the next day, Monday. It appears as though Outlook 2011 was programmed to observe DST one day late.

    If you’re still having issues, you might want to try contacting Microsoft support for assistance.

  3. Mike P says:

    This worked! Sweet- thanks guys.

  4. Paul says:

    There is no “Time Zone” to click in the Calendar panel. Only “Default time zone for new events”, which seems to be exactly that and doesn’t affect the overall time zone. Any other ideas? Am stuck with this problem (wrong offset between US and UK times) and it’s infuriating.

  5. MIKE S says:

    what Paul said. And wrong offset between PT and CT

  6. Jay C says:

    Any new thoughts on this??? Work in US Central Time, Our email servers are in the UK…all of my appointments are off by an hour…

  7. Ken says:

    This worked great for my Outlook; the Time Zone was just where Ted said – Thanks for that!
    Am thinking that those who can not see the Time Zone setting should request assist from their Exchange/email Admin (HelpDesk?), as if the setting can not be seen it could well be Admin-controlled.
    Just a thought… Good luck!

  8. Ted says:

    It’s not really anything an administrator can edit as it’s local-to-the-computer rather than server-side.

  9. PM says:

    Thanks a million. That fixed it!

  10. Bill says:

    I, too, have seen this time-change bug in both 2007 and 2010 Outlook apps for Windows XP and in Windows 7. You would think Microsoft would’ve fixed it by now! Thanks for the tip, though–I will try it in the next couple of weeks if my time zone doesn’t sync the way it should.

    I’ve got another problem, though–worse–and I’m hoping you might be familiar with it: When I get series invites from users outside of my timezone, I accept them and they appear at the correct place on my calendar (a 1PM EST meeting shows up at 10AM on my PST calendar). But when the creator of that series invite changes the time for any single meeting in the series (shortens it or adjusts the time), the modified invite *for that one instance only* shows up on my calendar with doulbe-the-offset! In other words, a meeting modified to start at 11:30AM EST instead of 11:00AM EST displays 8:30AM in the “When” field of the invite and shows up at 5:30AM PST on my calendar! And this happens for all time zones outside of my own on my Win7 Outlook 2010 installation.

    Can’t tell you how many meetings I’ve missed because of this glitch… any ideas? I sometimes wonder if the problem is caused by some setting or attribute that gets corrupted by synching my home computer to work using Plaxo but the actual meeting change invite looks incorrect independent of when/before I sync calendars. (Meaning that the modified invite When field shows “8:30AM as the new time and 11:00AM as the strikethrough/original time, so not sure the mistake exists before the modified invite shows up.)

    Thanks in advance for any insights!

  11. Ed says:

    This worked after I edited the calender event series to change the event time zone.

  12. AnonyMouse says:

    Fix worked. Thanks!

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